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    Redesigned for Greater Performance

    Fusion series 432 trunnion ball valves

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    Heavy Duty Design for Durability

    Fusion series 311/324 Flanged floaters

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    Proven Design. Proven Performance

    Fusion Series 333 and 334 High Pressure Valve

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    Configurations That

    Meet All Market Needs

    Fusion/Fortune Threaded & SW Valves

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    Consistent Quality and

    Innovation Since 1981

    Bronze & Brass Ball Valves

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    Quality and Competitiveness

    Gate, Globe, Check Valves

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    Made for Residential and

    Commercial Applications

    Miscellaneous Valves

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Quality and Competitiveness Through Vertical Integration

Fortune Valve (and the Fortune Group of Companies) has been a global producer of quality valves for more than 30+ years. Fortune Valve is a family owned company head quartered in Taipei City, Taiwan. We own two manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and three in Mainland China. Fortune is a vertically integrated company and this is the singular reason for our price competitive product offering.

Quality is the life of an enterprise. Since its founding in 1981, Fortune has practiced this philosophy and has never compromised to anything other than the highest quality standards. We produce our products with great pride and we stand behind our name. Our brand is well respected around the world in a variety of industries. The Fortune Valve team is dedicated to bringing quality and value to our customers. We provide superior product design and are committed to excellence in manufacturing.

Special Announcements

Casting and Forging Capabilities

Fortune has large casting and forging capacity and welcomes the opportunity to produce fine quality casting and forging components for OEM customers worldwide.

News and Events

  • Fusion Trunnion Ball Valve series 432 can be used with hybrid seat configuration that comes with a standard seat on the upstrean and a DPE seat on the downstream.

  • We are currently designing metal seated floating and trunnion mounted ball valves for use in high temperature and/or critical service applications.

  • Fortune has upgraded our QMS system recently to latest APIQ1 and ISO 9001. Our Dalian and Ningbo manufacturing locations own API 6D and CE/PED certificates and comply with the latest audit.