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Castings and Forgings

Fortune owns two casting foundries and one forging facility, each one specializing in different formation processes and material alloys to satisfy Fortune’s own product demands and OEM customers’ requirements.

Fortune owns an award-winning investment casting foundry in Dalian, China. This modern foundry is built with state-of-the-art equipment and is capable of producing various grades of steel alloys, such as WCB, WCC, LCC, CF8M, CF3M, and duplex stainless steel. The size range varies from 0.01kg to 100kg and the maximum capacity is approximately 200 tonne/month. Fortune has the expertise in making casting with complex configuration and volume production. The fine surface finish produced from investment casting effectively reduces machining time and waste.

Fortune owns a sand casting foundry in Kaohsiung Taiwan. Fortune has made significant additional investment since 1981 to upgrade the infrastructure and boost capacity. This sand casting foundry produces high-quality copper-alloy casting, such as C83600/C84400 regular bronze and C85700/C87800 lead-free bronze. This foundry is equipped with Japanese Sinto automated moulding system giving Fortune a monthly capacity of 250 tonne.

Fortune owns a brass forging shop in Ningbo, China that consists of 26 sets of hot forging presses. Fortune is one of the very few forging manufacturers in China that can produce brass forgings up to 5kg. This advanced forging shop utilizes modern heating furnace to maintain consistent temperature, which is key to producing quality forgings. Fortune has a monthly forging capacity of 400 tonne at this facility.

Fortune has large casting and forging capacity and welcomes the opportunity to produce fine quality casting and forging components, both rough and machined, for OEM customers worldwide.