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The Company

Fortune Valve was established in 1981 in Taipei City, Taiwan and remains headquartered there today. Since then, the Fortune Group of Companies has grown to include several companies, multiple manufacturing locations, strategically located distribution centers and a wide breadth of products.

The first of these companies, Fortune Mfg. Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Taiwan, as a casting foundry and machine shop producing bronze ball valves. Fortune's manufacturing strength and quality philosophy lead to solid growth and product line expansion. As the demand for Fortune products increased, we expanded our manufacturing facilities and capacity. We now have facilities in Kaohsiung Taiwan, Dalian China and Ningbo China.

Fortune Valve takes great pride in these manufacturing facilities and their associated quality programs. Each of these facilities features state of the art equipment and utilizes manufacturing processes and quality procedures that mirror those used by North American manufacturers. We are currently expanding our Kaohsiung Taiwan facility to include greater manufacturing capacity and a dedicated R&D facility.

All manufacturing facilities of Fortune Valve are ISO-certified and our industrial plants are also approved by API6D. Fortune Valve has CE/PED license which we apply on flanged ball valves products exported for European market. All products manufactured by Fortune Valve are 100% pressure-tested to ensure their quality and performance.

In 1992, Fortune began expanding into the North American market. In that year Archmetal Industries Corp. was established in Richmond, British Columbia to service Fortune's OEM/Private Label customers. Fortune Valve USA and Fortune Valve Canada started operations in 1996 and 2006 respectively to promote Fortune and Fusion branded products in North America. These distribution centers are strategically located in Houston Texas and Edmonton Alberta.

Through ownership of these facilities Fortune Valve is a vertically integrated company. We control most levels of the manufacturing process including R&D, engineering, casting, manufacturing and supply. Vertical integration offers the best combination of quality and competitiveness.